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You will be happy to know that this website ( does not collect any of your personal data. Your browser will automatically let us know what kind of browser it is (e.g.Firefox or Safari, etc) as well as some general information about the screen resolution that you are using, however this information is anonymous and does not identify you in any way.

When you get in touch

For your convenience this site allows you to get in contact using an optional email form. When you do this the information that you will provide will be sent by email directly from the server. Please note that although this is not currently done using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) all measures have been taken to securely transmit the information you provide. Should you be comfortable in doing so you can email me directly on

being social

The social buttons that you see on the bottom of this website (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc) are provided by a 3rd party company called AddThis. They have their own privacy policy which is available here.

Website advertisements

The advertisements that you see on the right hand side of this website are provided and managed by Google AdSense who provide adverts that maybe relevant to you. They have their own privacy policy and documentation which is available by clicking here.

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