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How to use Prompt Speak

Prompt Speak has been purposely designed to be easy to use. You can pre-type sentences and paragraphs into each of the seven text boxes on the right hand side. Each text box has an accompanying Select button which allows you to cue that particular text to be spoken. These buttons will turn red when they are selected. To read the selected (cued) text, simply click the speak button on the bottom left hand side of the application.

Prompt Speak screenshot of selecting a sentence

The voices and pronunciation depend on your systems capabilities. If your computer has different speech voices (or SAPI files) then you can select which voice you would prefer to use by clicking the Voice Settings in Prompt Speak. This will bring up dialog where you can select and listen to the different voices that are installed on your computer to use in Prompt Speak. For advance settings such as pitch and speed please refer to your system Accessibility settings.

Prompt Speak screenshot of selecting a different voice

The pronunciation of certain words may vary from system to system and from voice to voice which may lead to some words being mispronounced and sounding incorrect. In such events it can usually help to spell the words phonetically. For example if you wanted to say Cassandra, you may have more clarity by spelling the name Cass-sandra likewise there maybe occasions where you may want to spell a word out with pauses in between the letters. You can either do this by using hyphens in between the letters or full stops if you want more of a pause.

Fequently Asked Questions

Can I use Prompt Speak without a mouse? Yes, you can by pressing the TAB key to select different buttons and textfields followed by the ENTER key to select. Future versions of Prompt Speak will include shortcuts to activate the speaking.

Can I change the voices on Prompt Speak? Prompt Speak will search your computer for SAPI files which is used for speech synthesis (which lets your computer speak the text that is on screen). If your computer meets the minimum system requirements (outlined on the download page) then you will have at least one available voice which will be the default for your operating system. A quick Google search for "SAPI voices" will help you find and instal other voices for Prompt Speak to use.

Can I customise the colours on Prompt Speak? Not at the moment but I am hoping to make this available in future versions.

Is Prompt Speak free? Yes! Prompt Speak is totally free! I do welcome any donations if you find Prompt Speak helpful and fancied being generous. You can do so by clicking the donate button below (which will take you to PayPal)

Is Prompt Speak safe? Yes! Prompt Speak is 100% safe and has been awarded the 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia!

Who made Prompt Speak? I did. My name is Shaz and I have cerebral palsy which effects my speech and movement.

Who do I contact if Prompt Speak does not work with my computer? If you find that your computer matches the minimum system requirements outlined on the download page and it does not seem to be working please feel free to contact me with as much information as you can provide.

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